I have all the new gadget's that have been appearing recently. My favourite home device right now is the Amazon Echo. I think the potential is high to get more useful interaction in a shared private space. I have other thoughts on automotive and public commuting interfaces. I chose the home automation space to start with as I think that this is where the greatest savings may be realised. Also, I live with my parents so why would I not!

Amazon Echo

I've had my Echo Dot for a couple weeks now. I find the audio control very easy to use, especially in my bedroom. I've enabled the Philips Hue skill for lighting control, and need to get the IR blaster control for the TV.
The lighting skill works easily and I'm pretty pleased with the voice controlled lights.

Netmato Thermostat

Ordered the Netatmo thermostat for 2 reasons. One, I have a Netatmo Weather Station (courtesy of the folks at BrainTree) and two, that I mananged to get it for £120, which is about 60% of the competition. The thermostat control is the real motivation for home automation. Several personal blogs and reviews have shown that there is a several hundred (mostly $) saving over the year once there is smart control over the heating.
I'm not sure that we will benefit as much as my parents are often at home.

Philips Hue Bridge and lightbulbs x 3

I've got the white lights to start as I don't really need a disco in my bedroom. My bulbs are the screw-in and I have only a single lamp that takes that fitting.

While the reviews seems to prefer the Philips, and the costs seemed more favourable, the bridge connects to a router using an ethernet cable, and to the lights wirelessly. I find the need for the cable very annoying!